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Looking for a budget car hire in Portugal? You've come to the right place. Old Village Car Hire offers you the best fully inclusive Algarve budget rent a car hire prices on the following range of cars and people carriers for your best holiday in Portugal's Algarve. We give you an excellent rate and professional service so you have peace of mind to enjoy the Algarve to its full.















Terms & Conditions

Roof Racks are not available.

Cars are reserved by groups, the model quoted is an example of the car size and we reserve the right to substitute an alternative model in the same group where necessary.

The vehicles are parked at the airport and are collected and returned at the same car park (Park 4) If a vehicle is returned to another car park the client will be charged accordingly to the time parked.

If a client is dissatisfied in any way with the condition of the vehicle, this must be reported straight away to the Reception representative. If needed the car can be changed at the beginning of the rental.

What is Included:

Our rates include unlimited mileage, in addition, the following items are included in our car hire rates. This information is for general guidance only since many items may depend on the specific vehicle type you wish to hire in Portugal.

All required car hire insurances.

NON WAIVABLE RESPONSIBILITY applies for the insurance of the vehicles:

Excess insurance included in our prices of up to €650 applies to group H and L - option of taking extra insurance - €20 per week

Excess insurance included in our prices of up to €950 applies to group D,M and J - option of taking extra insurance - €30 per week

Excess insurance included in our prices of up to €1200 applies to group I and K - option of taking extra insurance - €40 per week

Buy-out of the Vehicle's Insurance Excess. The car hire vehicles are sold with an insurance excess. This is explained in the section What's Not Included? below.

When you collect the car hire at Faro, you'll be asked to leave a credit card imprint as a guarantee for fuel deposit and excess insurance. Providing you return the vehicle undamaged at the end of the car hire and with the correct amount of fuel as on collection, this will be returned to the client on return. In the unlikely event that you damage the car hire vehicle, your maximum liability is limited to the car hire insurance excess value as detailed above. Buying out the insurance excess for each car is explained in detail in our section What's Not Included?

Our car hire rates at are fully inclusive of local sales and airport taxes.

Additional Drivers: You may add additional drivers to your car hire on arrival in Portugal at no extra cost.

Driving into Spain:

Please consult our local representative if you require to to travel across the borders into Spain with regard to insurance required, accidents and vehicle recovery arrangements.

The following items can be added to your car hire reservation in Portugal :

Baby Seats:

Baby seats are suitable for new-born babies until approximately 6 months of age. Baby seats are normally available on car hire vehicles on request. There is a charge of €20 per week for baby seats which is payable on arrival in Portugal. You must reserve baby seats at the same time as you reserve your car hire.

Child seats:

Child seats are suitable for young children from approximately 6 months of age until 2-3 years of age. Child seats are supplied for car hire vehicles on request. There is a charge of €15 per week for these seats which is payable on arrival in Portugal. You must reserve child seats at the same time as you reserve your car hire.

Booster Seats:

Booster seats are suitable for young children. Booster seats are supplied for car hire vehicles on request. There is a charge of €15 per week for these seats which is payable on arrival at in Portugal. You must reserve booster seats at the same time as you reserve your car hire.

What is Not Included:

Fuel is not included!

The fuel that you consume during your car hire is obviously not included in our our published car hire rates! On arrival at the car hire station, you will collect the car hire vehicle with an agreed amount of fuel by both parties. At the end of the car hire, return the car hire vehicle with the same amount of fuel or a charge to the difference will be charged.

Buying out the Insurance Excess:

Clients have the option of taking out an extra insurance to avoid the excess by paying locally the following charges: €20 per week for groups H and L, €30 per week for groups D,M and J, €40 per week for groups I and K

Purchasing insurance excess buy-out is not a "licence to kill" and you will still be responsible for items like tires, wheels,wing mirrors, glass, lost coded keys or damage to the underside of the car hire vehicle. The car hire company may still require you to leave a credit card imprint to cover extensions to your car hire contract or traffic fines. - see below.

Lost car hire vehicle keys:

Vehicle keys are chip-coded and are costly and timely items to replace. If you lose the car hire vehicle's key, you will be obliged to pay for its replacement (approximately EUR 150.00) plus any associated transport costs in connecting you with a new vehicle key. More importantly, your holiday car hire in Portugal may be seriously affected while you wait for a new key to be prepared for your car hire vehicle. Please take good care of the car hire vehicle key while you're on holiday in Portugal!

Using the wrong fuel type for your car hire vehicle:

Putting gasoline into a diesel car (or vice versa) requires the engine to be stripped down and cleaned. If you put the wrong fuel into the car, expect a hefty garage bill and several days with your car "off-the-road" while the car is repaired.

Blow-outs are at your own risk:

If you have a puncture during the rental the car hire company will hold you responsible for the repair/replacement cost. All our cars are delivered with a road-worthy set of tires which are inspected prior to each delivery. Typically, bad parking or driving off-road are the most common causes of punctures during a rental period.

Off-road or negligent use:

Our car hire vehicles in Portugal are rented for use on the public highways of Portugal. They cannot be used off-road. Although a very rare occurrence, we'd like you to be aware that damage to the underside of the car hire vehicle is frequently caused by negligent driving or off-road which is your responsibility. Any accident caused by the driver under the influence of alcohol/drugs, or when no other vehicle is involved is considered negligent use.

Traffic fines:

Traffic fines, speeding tickets incurred at the wheel of your car are at your own risk.

Vehicle glass & locks:

It is a sad reality that in most holiday resorts in Portugal, auto-theft is a day-to-day occurrence. If you park up the car hire vehicle with personal items inside and, as a consequence, the glass or locks are damaged in an attempt to steal your personal effects, you will be responsible for the associated repair costs to the car hire vehicle. We strongly recommend that you park the vehicle in supervised car parks/garages and never leave any personal item inside the car hire vehicle.

Damage to the vehicle's underside:

Damage to the vehicle's underside is the responsibility of the renter. Although a very rare occurrence, damage caused by driving off-road, impacts from rocks or other items to the underside can cause considerable damage to the vehicle. If this situation arises, you will be responsible for the repair costs.








Car Fleet Gallery

  • Group HFord Fiesta Opel Corsa Renault Clio Seat Ibiza VW Polo
  • Group DSeat Ibiza SW
  • Group LOpel Corsa Automatic
  • Group JFord Focus Peugot 308
  • Group IFord Galaxy 7 Seater Seat Alhambra 7 Seater
  • Group KOpel Vivaro 9 Seater Renault Traffic 9 Seater

Car Hire Rates 2013/14

01-11-13 to 31-03-14
01-04-14 to 30-06-14
01-10-14 to 31-10-14
01-07-14 to 30-09-14

A22 Motorway Toll Road Information


By order of the government since the 8th December 2011 the use of certain areas of the A.22 has a TOLL, attracting a cost electronically monitored per kilometer travelled.

More information from CTT (Post Office) Read more on how it works

The Motorway Toll routes where the billing scheme is exclusively electronic are properly marked with a sign with the words "electronic toll only".

Check the tolls map - the green zones are free of tolls- the orange zones are paid.

There is no TAG device in the rental car but the procedure is as follows:

  • When using the A.22, the rental vehicles registration number will be picked up automatically when passing the overhead scanners at the various locations. This will determine how many zones you pass through on your journey.
  • Each zone has different prices, but the price per kilometer is approximately 9 cents (e.g. From Vila Real de Santo António to Lagos - € 11.60).
  • If the payment for the use of the A.22 has not been made, the rental car company is obliged by law to provide details of the renter/driver of the hire vehicle to the TOLL collection agency.
  • The customer will then be billed to his/her home address for payment of TOLLS on the A.22


  • The customer can go to any post office to pay for the TOLLS 48 to 72 hours after using it.
    Take with you to Post office, the rental agreement document to determine the Vehicle’s Registration Number. Then the Database will be checked to determine the value of the TOLLS.
  • If you wish to can buy a prepaid 3 days device at the Post office.
  • You can pay at the post offices 48hrs. after you have used the A22 but before 72hrs. - to avoid any surcharges - if not, you will then receive the charges to pay at home.
  • You can use the EN 125 which is free.
  • It's better not use the A22 on last day of holiday because you have no way of paying.


In the event where the customer doesn’t go to one of these Pay-shops or Post Offices to pay the TOLL, the rental car company will receive notification of the value of the outstanding TOLL that has to be paid for that date on the vehicle.
We will then provide the customer’s details and a copy of the Rental Agreement to the toll’s company and they will issue an INVOICE to the renter at his/her home address.

To avoid TOLL charges is to use the EN 125 – specially on your last two or three days of your holidays as you will not be able to pay so will certainly receive bill at home with an extra fee.


Download a toll road information map

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